Mixed Quickie

Mixed Quickie

The family and I celebrated my cousin’s birthday yesterday. After our gathering, I went to a mall which is on the south end of town in a Wealthy neighborhood. I’ve always liked that mall because of the Large amount of attractive, thug-looking, multiracial men. I cruised for about an hour and tried looking at male crouches. I was getting impatient because luck just didn’t seem to be on my side. I don’t often have much luck with men anyway. They seem to be a bit phobic in public bathrooms.

 About the time I was ready to give up, a group of “thuggish” looking men walked near where I was sitting. I like the bathroom by the food court because it’s more private than the one by the mall. Only one of the guys went in. I followed him. He took the center of the three urinals (no partitions). I took the urinal To his left. I hauled out my semi hard dick and stood back far enough he Could see it. He said “Whassup?” and I said “Just out shopping.” I told him. Now that I’d gotten his attention, I quickly added that I couldn’t find what I was looking for in any stores. About this time an older oriental man came in. This guy was (tall, with a low cut fade muscular build body and captivating Light brown eyes. The guy asked me what I was looking for and I whispered that I needed to find some dick. Right away he laughed and smiled and said he ain’t into that gay type of shit, etc… I told him I’d pay $20 just for a look. We haggled for a few seconds over money and I offered $100 to suck it. At first he refused to let me suck it, but agreed to let me see it.

 After the oriental guy left, we went back in and I gave him $20. He hauled His dick out at the urinals and I looked at it. It was a garden variety, Medium thick, ‘bout 8 in. long pecker. I leered at it. I pulled my 7 1/2 incher out and stroked it a little. He looked at it with intrigue. Then A fat, older Mexican guy walked in. We stood there keeping our penises out Of site. The Mexican man pissed in the sit-down stall and left. I thanked the guy and by this time he’d tucked his cock away. He asked Me how much money I had. I told him I’d give him $100 to suck it. He motioned me toward the handicapped stall. I sat on the toilet and when he undid his pants, a fully erect cock greeted My eyes. I couldn’t believe his was so hard, so fast! It was thick

As some I’ve sucked, but it was quite long and very hard. I gobbled it down And grabbed his ass, shoving him forward. He really got into the Momentum of the blowjob and I was sure He had a large load coming and I’ll be mad if someone comes in. So I pulled my legs up so that one sets of feet would be seen. The guy motioned me over to the opposite end of the stall where there was About two feet of solid brick wall - no partitions and nobody could see us Unless they were working at it. I was still a bit nervous because city cops We’re cruising inside the mall. All I would need is to be caught with this guy cock shoved down my throat. I knew I had to hurry. I got on my knees and he stuffed his cock back in my mouth. I wanted to Mention that by this time his dick had grown to a nice 9 or so inches with a Slight bend to the left. It was a truly magnificent piece of mixed dick. It Was the prettiest I’ve ever sucked in person? I loved the caramel color of it. I quickly sucked up and down on it and he kept his hands on my head as I did. This guy was really responsive as I sucked his cock. I could tell he loved getting his dick sucked. I felt his body quivering and sucked harder and groped his balls. I was Soon rewarded with a few hot squirts of cum and he unloaded a healthy sized Wad of jizz into my face. I spit on it, but licked him clean. Just

After he came the door to the bathroom opened. At least one of his friends came in and asked what the fuck he was doing. He Asked the guy if he was jacking off or something. My mixed quickie went over To the toilet and stood there for a second and then flushed. The guy that Had come in asked what he was talking me about. The guy told him I was wanting to “buy some chronic” and they walked out. I waited for a second and then exited the bathroom. The guy I had sucked off Didn’t even acknowledge me, but one of the other two guys just about had his Eyes pop out when he saw me exit. He knew that I’d been in there with the

Mixed guy the whole time. I licked my lips as I walked away wondering what Kind of excuse this guy was going to use on his buddies.This guy looked very handsome, but I was sure he was at least twenty four. When I was sucking him I asked him if he’d ever done this before and he said no. I’ll tell you what though, I’ll bet he do it again. He loved getting his

Dick sucked as much as I loved sucking it!