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Friends Helping Friends
Tonight I had gone to bed and was just getting to sleep when I heard a Knock at the front door. I got up and peeked out. I didn't even Recognize the guy. I opened the door and it turned out to be Chunky, a 26 year old nephew of my friend Michael He introduced me to his nephew knowing that I would drool. Anyhow, Michael had brought Chunky over a couple of times in the Past. Anyway, I greeted Chunky and let him in. "You seen Mike?" he asked, "I don't know where he's living. He was supposed to hook me up with some trees [weed]." I knew he was bullshitting me. Mike lives four blocks from me – four blocks is almost halfway across our small town. I had an idea why he was here to see me but I needed to do the work of getting it out of him. As we talked, Chunky finally admitted to me that he needed a little money but he wouldn't come right out and say and that he wanted me to suck him off for cash. I took the opportunity and said that I only have is $50 right now. He jumped at it. As he went to undo his baggy pants, I could see his erect cock already poking out the top! "Here's the deal," I said. "What I want to do is to lick your booty and Swallow your nut." Chunky replied "I've never had my booty licked before," & "I never ever done nothing' with no dude before." I explained that I was going to lick his asshole to make it feel good but I wouldn't finger it. If it hurt I would stop right away. He agreed to let me try. He seemed nervous as I indicated for him to climb into the chair with his ass sticking out. I licked, slurped, tongue-fucked, Etc. his tight ass and he loved every second of it. About 15 min. Later he made me stop because he said he couldn't take it anymore. His raspy breathing and flexing butt cheeks told me he was loving it. For such a scrumptious black boy, his whole ass was spectacular It had a nice muscular funk to it, too. I had him flip around so I could get to his cock. Chunk’s dick was Very impressive as far as black guys go. It was circumcised and quite straight. The black dick was thick and about 9 ½ in long. It was still "pretty" to me. To me it's about the person, not the dick. I really like him; he's a very cute attractive guy. Chunky is another one of those pot smoking "hood nigga" types, the kind that I go absolutely coco crazy over. Chunky wanted to jack off as we watched a porno movie. He seemed most Comfortable with me putting my mouth on top of his dick and bobbing Just a bit as he jacked his dick. I gave him plenty of tongue and throat action. I could feel his dick swell as I licked and sucked. Chunky jacked his Dick for a good five minutes before warning me that he was about to cum. I felt his cock twitch and jump as it expanded. The cock gave several Healthy spurts of salty cum which I quickly swallowed. Then I sucked him a little more trying to get any last traces of spunk.
After we were finished, Chunky stated that he might want to come over again Some time. I asked him how he liked getting his ass eaten. Instead of Saying something indifferent, he said "I’m not going to lie it felt bomb." As he continued to get dressed and left my apartment the next time he comes over, I'm going to get a picture of Chunky. He's Very, very handsome for a thick tall hood nigga!

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